Altizen Sit Stand Desk

Our Design Philosophy

Our goal for Altizen has always been to create a sit stand desk that will be an essential and well-loved part of your work day.

We understand that design is more than just beautiful aesthetics. It is about empathy for users and creating delight when you start using our product. We want you to enjoy all the subtle touches,( both visible and invisible)that makes for a great experience.

That is why we design every Altizen from scratch for true ergonomics. It’s unlike any standing desk before it,

What We Mean By True Ergonomics

True ergonomics is the defining feature of every Altizen sit stand desk. Our challenge was to create a workspace that is comfortable and encourages activity, in an office environment that often reinforces sedentary work and long work hours.

Through a 2 year design process, we pored over every detail with physiotherapists. A sophisticated motor provides intuitive adjustment that does not require pulling or cranking. The 98 degree tilt to our pillar enables correct screen-eye distance and the 6mm contoured radius of the worksurface makes for comfortable typing. A generously sized worksurface that lies flush with your tabletop means sufficient space for your work tools.

Through meeting these stringent requirements, Altizen has become the only standing desk endorsed by physiotherapists for its ergonomics.

Our Obsession With Beauty and Quality

We use sit stand desks ourselves, and so we know the importance of having a sleek standing desk you can be proud of, that will withstand the test of time. That is why we designed the Altizen with curved edges, creating a beautiful, continuous appearance with no sharp or pinch points. Each Altizen is designed to be as comfortable and natural to use as possible.

We also selected exceptional materials, including cold-rolled steel, the same steel used for high-end automobiles. Cold-rolled steel brings superior tensile strength and a smooth, clean surface, which helps elevate Altizen to a new level of wobble-free stability and scratch-resistance.

Altizen Pro Sit Stand Desk
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A Safe and Reliable Sit Stand Desk

Safety is always at the forefront of our mind. Altizen standing desks are present in both offices and homes environments, each one presenting their own safety challenges.

That is why we ensure that all Altizen sit-stand undergo strict safety certifications by the international safety agencies . So that you can have peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

Reliability is also non-negotiable for us. We subject our desks and motors to a strict fully-loaded 20,000 times reliability test to guarantee quality and performance that you can count on.

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