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10 Essential Standing Desk Accessories Every User Should Have

Standing desks are gaining popularity owing to the health benefits they offer. However, the problem remains that although we all know that we need to move more, when the time comes to put it into practice, we often put work first. Health ends up last the list of our priorities. In many cases, even if we are already using a standing desk! Essential standing desk accessories can remind us to keep active at our standing desks and encourage us to stand more by making our time at the desk more comfortable.

What are the best standing desk accessories in our experience?

1. Comfortable shoe

Comfortable, gel-padded shoes are important. Not stilettos. You should take breaks during your standing time, but much of the time, you will be putting pressure on the soles of your feet. In this situation, it is advisable to wear shoes that offer all the support you need. A good pair of running shoe will fit this purpose. Here’s a great guide on how to pick a comfortable pair of shoes.

2. Anti-fatigue mat

A mat, as opposed to a hard floor, can allow you to stand at your standing desk for longer periods without feeling tired. In fact, this is one of the most common essential standing desk accessories you’ll see mentioned on forums. We highly recommended using an anti-fatigue mat to offer support, act as a cushion and a pad to encourage micro-movements (it is fun to bounce up and down on one!). A good anti-fatigue mat will make your standing experience better than ever before. Here’s a list of anti-fatigue mats that we can agree with!

3. A footrest

Experts often recommend a footstool or a footrest to ease the pressure on your feet. Place this in front of you, under your standing desk, and alternately prop up one of your feet, so there is no direct pressure on your heels. This is one essential standing desk accessory indeed! Pro tip: If you don’t want to spend too much on this, just place a carton box of A4 paper under your desk. It’ll serve the same purchase!

4. A standing desk chair

A new concept that’s gaining popularity is the standing desk chair or stand up chair. This chair is taller than ordinary chairs and looks like what a draftsman or architect might use to make drawings. It’ll take away the pressure from your feet by allowing you to perch on the seat. Alternatively, you can keep your normal office chair if you get an adjustable height standing desk.

5. Monitor mounts or monitor arms

A monitor arm or monitor mount for your screens is an absolute must. Unless you have a standing desk converter with an integrated monitor arm, like the Altizen Active Standing Desk. Without an adjustable monitor arm, you will find yourself craning your neck to see the screen, and such a standing desk cannot be called ergonomic.

6. Cable management

We all struggle with wires and charging cables on our desks. This not only spoils the look of the desk, but makes it harder to focus. A cable management solution which could be a cable box or simple cable ties is an easy way to manage your devices and keep your desk looking Zen.

7. Standing Desk Pedal

This is something new for standing desk users who want a bit more activity. The standing desk pedal is a small device that allows you to sit and exercise your legs at the same time. We think that a full size  bicycle or a treadmill may be too much for a stand up desk accessory – there’s the problem of where you will move them to when it’s time for you to sit!. So a compact pedalling device can help you make the most of your time at the desk.

8. Appropriate desk lamp

While taking care of your health, one must not forget the importance of your eyes. If you are working in front of your screens, you need to keep suitable lighting around you. LED table lamps with a diffused glare are a good sit stand desk option to have. Here’s our favourite guide to this essential device.

9. A separate keyboard and mouse

Especially for people who use only laptops on their standing desks, a separate keyboard and mouse will help with ergonomics throughout your work day. This is because most laptops are made for mobility and forces you to contort your shoulders to fit the small keyboard size. A separate ergonomic keyboard and mouse will help make your time at your sit stand desk more comfortable.

10. A timer

A standing desk is about alternating between sitting and standing at set intervals. A timer is one of the essential standing desk accessories to pace yourself, so you do not forget to sit and stand even when work is piling up. Place a timer on your standing desk today. For a desk that actually reminds you to sit and stand (much like a health coach would) you can also check out the Altizen Pro.

Doctors have highlighted the dangers of sitting for too long. Thus, as an alternative, standing desks came into existence. They offer you the opportunity to work without spending eight to ten hours every day sitting on a chair. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to try out a standing desk (and the standing desk accessories most appropriate for their work) to see if it improves their health.


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